The residence is equipped with a collection of extravagant facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, wet deck, kids’ pool, Function Room, Playground, BBQ Area, Pool, Outdoor Shower, Communal Ground Garden, and Bicycle Parking Lots on Level 1. 

At Claydence Condo, Hong How Land Pte Ltd has taken great care to ensure that the design and architectural features of this new freehold condominium are of the highest standard.

This includes the development of detailed site plans that outline all the key features of the building and its surrounding area. The site plans include specific information about all the units, from one to four bedrooms, and their respective floor plans.

Additionally, they take into account the local environment, including transportation links, nearby schools, shopping malls and other amenities.

All these factors make Claydence a desirable option for investors who are looking for both convenience and luxury livin